Il Etait une Etoile – About

Based in Paris and Milan, we plan and craft refined and elegant weddings and any other private event of your life, wherever you want, worldwide.

Imaginatives, creatives and ehnthusiastics,  we follow your project with passion and commitment.



Our ambition is to assist you to organize an event that is right for you, in your image.

Always in tune with trends, we’ve got a lot of ideas and good plans for modern, fresh and contemporain wedding events.

We like: building a project around a little detail, an idea, a funny anecdote of your history; collecting all the little details and objects to make your design personal and unique.

We have a crush on relaxed atmospheres, where elegance and spontaneity coexist: flowy wedding gowns, delicate flower bouquets, pastel color palettes…

All of this, we hope to share with you very soon. 




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